Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Day 6, when alcohol helps inspiration

Not much to say today, simply that I wrote a poem after long time and yes, it was after drank a glass of wine :D
These hands are from a friend who I convinced to try to write a poem as well and as you can see, she had not finished her glass so her results were no as good as  I expected.

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Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Day 5, a day in The Hague

Well, today was a very nice day walking around The Hague and inside Madurodam from which I have this image:
 1/80 -  f7.1 People waiting for the tram.

I took more but as it was vacation with my son my focus was mainly snapshots with him and random photos of the place. I did not want to spend time looking for a good angle and right moment as my goal was have a quality time with my son.
Photography is very important for me but sometimes is good to put it aside, forget it about it and shoot like a "normal" tourist.

Monday, August 29, 2016

Day 4, Simplicty

Sometimes we look for the extraordinary or something special in order to have a nice photo however if we simply open our mind we can appreciate beauty in many ordinary things. Here some artificial flowers from a friend's house and below a duck from my afternoon sightseeing.


Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 2, when the picture is a gift

Today the photo was thanks to my son. At lunch he finished before than me so he took this little angry dog and put in front of me saying " he will watch you until you finish all your food" It make smile and I tough it could be a good photo. I took only three, one horizontal and two verticals all at 1/30 and f.8. and I picked the horizontal as my picture for today. So thank you my son ;)

Later we went to play to a park and again I took my camera to try to catch a better image or see if I could come out with something interesting. During our game he took a piece of a branch and start to act like a ninja, that was really cool, look at him immersed on his imagination fighting imaginary ninjas.
I  took exactly 189 images (due to the burst mode) but my chosen one is this:

Here you can see the other 4 that I like too.

Friday, August 26, 2016

Day 1, so far it looks easy.

Well, here I am with my first photo of this 365 project. I will limit at the most per 3 images per day even I think there will be days I will suffer to make at least one decent photograph.
Not sure what you will want to I write about, the technical details? the reason why I choose that image or what inspired me to take it? But for now, I will write what come to my mind.

 After pick up my son from his summer class I saw this old woman on our way back home. I asked the woman if I could photograph her dog and she gently accepted. The dog was a good model.

This photo was inspired by many of the similar photos I have seen featured in photography online magazines, sometimes I found them boring and sometimes beautiful.

Same as before, I liked the shadows. Enjoying simple things now.

Trying to not f*ck it this time

In my way back to home after have photographed the concert I remembered that once I started a 365 project with my mobile phone. It started well as I was excited about it and was my first smartphone with a decent camera. However, after the initial excitement, I struggled to do interesting images without relying  on the effects or filter that all camera apps have. I did not want to make some pretty images just because of a stupid filter or app but somehow I started to like and wanted to take photos of a fake world, that one with always blue skies, perfect sunsets and nice tonalities but all thanks to a filter. That was not me, well was in part but was not the direction where I wanted that my creativity and art go. So I stopped it.

Now I am carrying my camera again with me everywhere and I decided to take the challenge again and even more, will do it in color. Yes for most of it I will not make any conversion to black and white. If you don't leave our comfort zone then I think you should not call yourself and artist or a creative person. Think about it.
A calm street.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Being a lazy creative person

I have not been taking photos lastly, focused mostly on my poems and other non-photography matters I started to feel myself more as a hobbyist than as a photographer. That thought has been around two months in my head until yesterday that there was a local concert in my district to which I went to take some photos with my old canon 20d and a fixed lens of 20mm.
I always liked to photograph concerts, especially of extreme metal, but this was band Claymore played in broad light :/  I took no more than a hundred shots, I think that if in the days of film we had 36 images per film roll and with two or three rolls we were able to have around 5 good images why not should Ii try to do it again. 

Is not new that with digital we take more photos than we really need so literally we are just wasting the life cycle of the camera and being lazy creatively. Shoot 5 images per second or more per every possible angle is nonsense. Explore your subject from all angles is great but think twice before taking the picture, just like that you will be more critical with your composition and improve your skills.

This is my selection: