Saturday, March 2, 2019

Hurt me, if you can

As I was saying, I am not showing any face in these photographs. If the models remains anonymous they can be anybody. At least, anybody with slim bodies :D
These images were not planned, therefore any idea or emotion the viewer may get is are on his own experience. Sometimes art does not have to have an intention.

More or less the only direction I gave to the model was something like: " let's image we dance or fight but at the same time were stick to each other"
It was no as fluid as I would have liked, for each picture the timer was set to 10 seconds (the camera default). In many cases once I felt we had a good position we had to hold it till the camera fired.

Tattooed girl No. 1

 Tattooed girl No. 2

A week ago a show these images to a colleague. She asked if I did not get excited while doing these images and yes I told her, I did in the same way anybody who will be in the same situation, feeling the body of another person. The only thing is that the excitement only lasted the first 3 minutes because you I was  focused on the pictures to take, if they were on focus, positions to have next, lighting  etc.

Tattooed girl No.3

And about the title of this post, well I like like and I think could be the title of this series of photos. More will be shown in next days.