Friday, August 26, 2016

Trying to not f*ck it this time

In my way back to home after have photographed the concert I remembered that once I started a 365 project with my mobile phone. It started well as I was excited about it and was my first smartphone with a decent camera. However, after the initial excitement, I struggled to do interesting images without relying  on the effects or filter that all camera apps have. I did not want to make some pretty images just because of a stupid filter or app but somehow I started to like and wanted to take photos of a fake world, that one with always blue skies, perfect sunsets and nice tonalities but all thanks to a filter. That was not me, well was in part but was not the direction where I wanted that my creativity and art go. So I stopped it.

Now I am carrying my camera again with me everywhere and I decided to take the challenge again and even more, will do it in color. Yes for most of it I will not make any conversion to black and white. If you don't leave our comfort zone then I think you should not call yourself and artist or a creative person. Think about it.
A calm street.