Friday, November 22, 2013

a poem - Kiss my hand

I am here
above you
inside you!

Feel my wrath
and kiss my hand.
You are forbidden to smile.

On your knees!
and surrender your will
to the Gods and me
a mortal oppression.

I will eat you
fuck you
and burn what is left.

Buts is my weakness
your scratched hands
therefore every night
I made wax sculptures of them.
                                                         Carlos Lopez, November 2013.

Thursday, August 1, 2013

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Cellphone photos

More images taken with my mobile phone.
Main square monument. Clermont Ferrand. France.

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Intimacy v 3.1

The following images are based on my series Intimacy.  The drawings on them are indeed scratches and I did them because these prints did not come out as I had expected and I am not into throw prints to the garbage.  I had this photos stored approximately two years since I print them because I knew I had to do something with them, but I did not know what.

Sometimes, you may have random ideas in your head but from there until make them reality may a take a while. Ideas and inspiration are just a small percentage of the creative process, the rest is real work, take the brushes a start to paint, grab the clay and start to shape it or take your camera and go out to take photographs and from there look at your work and redefine it. It is normal that you start with idea A and during the process it evolve to B and you may finish with C.

With these photographs my ideas ranged from cut them all in small pieces and make some kind of collage to make a single image-portrait, kind of Frankenstein, or to paint them, get some dry flowers and photograph them all together. At the end I went for something more simple as drawing on them but with a cutter.

I wanted to give them some mystery with symbols and texts that are related to my life experience. Saying that, you as spectator may have a different interpretation than me of for example of the spiders in the parachuting which is fine for me. In anyway, with each image there was a basic idea that carefully I had to polish before I start the scratching because I cannot undo a scratch! With some photos the drawing was fast but others few it took me up to two days before I could say it is completely finished. As I said, few moments of inspirations, longer periods of hand work.


Some of these photos did not pass my final selection to Intimacy series. Therefore in some way I am "recycling" images that I like a lot but otherwise would have finished buried in my archive. After all, photographs are to be seen. Don't they?

I think, this is something that actually everybody should try with prints that don't like or did not came out as you wanted. I mean, instead of throw money (prints) to to the garbage, give your photos a second chance and make a piece of art with them.