Monday, July 30, 2012

In a Czech bar...

Last weekend I made a little trip to Slavkov u Brna, a small town outside Brno. Its main attraction is is a castle  which unfortunately does not allow photography inside :( , so this post wont be about my photos of  castle however after my tour I went to a restaurant to have lunch but instead of sit on the bar and order a beer, open my notebook and start to make notes of some ideas for some poems I had in my head. After approximately five minutes a girl come and sat two sits next to me and something of her called  my attention, her ring, I don't know why I had the curiosity to ask her to make some shoots of it. So in my poor Czech I asked if I could and for my surprise she agreed, then I asked her friends who were working in the restaurant if I could make some portraits of them and they said yes too. 
I am not very into photographing strangers but is good to surprise yourself from time time and try something different. To break the ice there is no better "weapon" that a sincere smile.

Saturday, July 7, 2012

a girl - Aksana

This images were, literally buried in my hard drive. I took them long time ago when I was a photographer at Carnival cruise line in 2008. During one of those nice and very few day when the crew members get some enough time off to enjoy properly a day at the beach. I posted one a while ago in my Facebook fan page and then again were forgotten until today.
She is from Belorussia and very pretty, isn't it?

Sunday, July 1, 2012

a poem - Violence

Fallen Gods from the eternal dream
is time for human anger
and divine revenge
let's take back our ethereal kingdom
of lust and silence
let's gather under burned trees
and rise against the sitting tyrant.

  Merciless humans,
march to the battle at sunrise.
Pray forgiveness to the Gods and Saints
you will deny in future times
and once in the cold battle field
if your hands are tired and clean
immortality will be given to you.

Beautiful slayers of purified violence
light the heart of the beaten warrior
and collect his blood as a trophy.
Bring anarchy to our homes
where despair can reign
and Gods with Humans can finally

                                                    June 2012, Carlos Lopez.

landscape taken by Carlos Lopez in the region of Ostrava, Czech Republic