Saturday, August 27, 2016

Day 2, when the picture is a gift

Today the photo was thanks to my son. At lunch he finished before than me so he took this little angry dog and put in front of me saying " he will watch you until you finish all your food" It make smile and I tough it could be a good photo. I took only three, one horizontal and two verticals all at 1/30 and f.8. and I picked the horizontal as my picture for today. So thank you my son ;)

Later we went to play to a park and again I took my camera to try to catch a better image or see if I could come out with something interesting. During our game he took a piece of a branch and start to act like a ninja, that was really cool, look at him immersed on his imagination fighting imaginary ninjas.
I  took exactly 189 images (due to the burst mode) but my chosen one is this:

Here you can see the other 4 that I like too.