Saturday, May 14, 2011

Anime Fest Brno 2011

Last weekend  was held in brno: The Anime Fest, the oldest and largest anime and manga convention in czech Republic. More than 1000 visitors and fans gathered to enjoy a rich program with conferences, workshops and protection of movies.

The most interesting and visual part is obviously the attendees who in their majority where dressed as their favorite anime/manga character, in other words they were the real stars.

As fan that I am too, although "old school', I remember my days watching the adventures of Saint Seiya or Knights of the Zodiac, Captian Tsubasa known too as Flash Kicker, Lady  Oscar, Candy Candy, and the best of all ever Goku and his friends in Dragon ball. And as a fan I wanted to portrait this fantasy world in a way that look like an anime with all its colors and fancy hairstyles.

So the words that I most pronounced those days were: "Mužu ty fotit?" that means "Can I take you a picture" plus some other little instructions in me poor czech but at the end I could survive, I could made myself understood plus the fact that many of them were acting as their characters which help me to make more interesting portraits.

One of the things that most caught my attention were the contacts glasses that make them look as animals. Simply great!

And of course the pretty girls:


This the first time I attend this kind of events and I really enjoyed, see all these young people (I am as well very young in spirit) living and sharing their fantasy world was a cool experience. So for next year my promise to myself is attend again but this time with a costume, which one?  I don't know yet.

Want to see more great photos? have a look to the Animefest photo gallery in my website.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Extras 010 - Nikola

Continuing with the series of models now is the opportunity for Nikola, another girl from South Moravia in Czech Republic.
About the images, if have seen any other previous posts of "extras"  you will have realized that I use a lot of the black background, and the reason is simple, I like more than the white, I think it is easier to get than the pure white and it give some theatrical feeling, no so commercial as the white that is very used.
These photos were taken at her apartment, not in a studio. To my photo sessions I always carry a black cloth which is hanged in some wall,  use a single small as a source of light, simplicity is the key.
I kind of hard for me to make glamour photos, is not that I cannot but you have to accept/know your "limits" not a good fashion photographer will be a good wedding photographer, they are different fields which demand different skills.

The previous image and the two next are nice glamour photos, few of the ones I have shoot in my career.

The following pictures are more personal than the previous ones, in these I don't pretend to show her beauty or sexy side, here is something no so superficial/common, something that we see do not every day when we look at pictures of girls. These are about feelings.