Sunday, November 25, 2012

a poem - Bitch

I am the one
whose beautiful smile
could not conquer your heart
and whose black hands
failed to scratch your skin.

I am the one
who in silent anger
proclaimed you:

My profaned muse
let the red wine unite us in eternal lust
and lead our hopeless souls
to a painful ecstasy.

You, my purple desire,
with your bruised lips
lick my tears and tired body.
 and by the end of the day
with your disgraced hands
bless me.
                                                           Carlos Lopez, November 2012.

The bracelet. 2001. ©Carlos Lopez

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Art in the streets of Brno

Currently under the main station of Brno has been installed a series of artworks as part of the project called Galerie Myšina in which they make the street an art gallery. I like idea and although is not new is good that someone decide to use the dark walls of the corridors under the station and put some color on them.
The project this time presents artists from the faculty of fine arts of the Brno university of technology and from the Escola Massana University in Spain so is nice to see artworks from international artist.