Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Inspiration is a bitch.

Inspiration is a bitch. She must be taken, exploited and used as much as needed because there will be times when no idea will come. Days when your canvas will remain blank waiting your brushes be driven by your hand.

Those days are hard. You have something in your head but don't know how to transform into a painting, photograph or a sculpture. You walk around, sketch but all is garbage.
Some try help with wine, beer, drugs, sex, yoga, long walks to sort the ideas but all is useless. You end tired and hopeless, questioning if you deserve to be called an "artist" or if you even are one and not just a "wanna be".!/portfolio/G0000jRgTk89T1iw

"Inspiration" won't come to you so easily. You must pay for it. Pay with your insecurity, fear, happiness and dreams. You must sacrifice your time with friends, boyfriends, family and your time to be with just with yourself" only after that you will be able to create as God. Creativity will flow through hands. It is a force that pushes you to paint, write, sculpt, photograph, etc at any given moment. You will express whatever you have inside your soul as joy or doubts. It won't be rational anymore, now is time to let your feelings be exposed without fear.

But as she comes, she goes. She serves for a limited time only. You cannot retain her. She is not yours and never was. That is why when she is pleasing you make the most of her. If you are weak or not ready for the intensity of her grace then don't force it. You may hurt yourself and your beloved ones. But if you are ready then don't rest. You will be on ecstasy and your creations will have magic.!/portfolio/G0000EZi3JPCxe6k/I0000tGXlAkKqhyE

After she is gone you won't be the same. You will see what you have done and finally will have some inner peace. You will be able to recognise your own demons no longer needing to run away from them and that will set you apart from the rest of men and women.

She has shown you a door of infinite options. Now you need her again and start over.!/portfolio/G0000NzeH320RHr8