Friday, August 26, 2016

Day 1, so far it looks easy.

Well, here I am with my first photo of this 365 project. I will limit at the most per 3 images per day even I think there will be days I will suffer to make at least one decent photograph.
Not sure what you will want to I write about, the technical details? the reason why I choose that image or what inspired me to take it? But for now, I will write what come to my mind.

 After pick up my son from his summer class I saw this old woman on our way back home. I asked the woman if I could photograph her dog and she gently accepted. The dog was a good model.

This photo was inspired by many of the similar photos I have seen featured in photography online magazines, sometimes I found them boring and sometimes beautiful.

Same as before, I liked the shadows. Enjoying simple things now.