Saturday, August 25, 2012

In a not so quiet night...

These photographs are a small series titled: In a not so quiet night... They are images of fireworks and were taken during the fireworks festival of Ignis brunensis, in my city, Brno.
You can see the whole gallery in my website gallery.
Enjoy them:
Stellar sperm.

Monday, August 20, 2012

About my photoss of cosplayers.

Three days ago I added a new gallery to my portfolio section in website, the gallery is a selection of my portraits of cosplayers that I have done in the past years while attending the anime convention Anime fest in the city of Brno.  My images have over-saturated colors, they are not “real” but my intention is not to represent reality. Anime and coplay is about fantasy and therefore in my photographs I want to show that fantasy, that unreal world of rich colors and fictional characters.

For me they are portraits of people who has the valor, courage, craziness and dare to live their dream at least for a day, incarnating someone they admire or like. Obviously some just want to have fun but still require courage to dress like that and go out to the streets.

Here some of them: