Sunday, November 8, 2009

Ground pollution

My personal project Ground pollution is based in a personal quest for a self-discovering and understanding. Trough pictures of the ground I look for representing and showing my anxiety, fears and doubts. The ground in this case is more than a subject if not a mirror.
The idea of call it Ground pollution is because I am in some way expropriating its nature and putting my emotions on it, so I am "contaminating" the earth, taking its real form to transform it on my own benefit. In the same way the big industries (oil extraction, mining, etc) do to our planet.
The fragments of ground I show in my photographs have colours over saturated in some cases, fact that complicate the reading or understanding of the image due to an abstraction not common in photography where the object is usually recognized at first sight. But it's this diffciculty, to recognized the subject, which allows the viewer make his own interpretation.
There is an artificial beauty on this images, but not because of that less worthy. The strong and vibrant colours in some photos are like signs of a silent sickness or wounded skin. A cheerful decadence we could say while in others of dark tones there is some little optimism, a quick message telling us that there's still hope. As if our death will come tragically one morning of summer and the medicine that will save us would be inside an old mossy bottle.
I hope you like it.