Hurt me, if you can

As I was saying, I am not showing any face in these photographs. If the models remains anonymous they can be anybody. At least, anybody with slim bodies :D
These images were not planned, therefore any idea or emotion the viewer may get is are on his own experience. Sometimes art does not have to have an intention.

More or less the only direction I gave to the model was something like: " let's image we dance or fight but at the same time were stick to each other"
It was no as fluid as I would have liked, for each picture the timer was set to 10 seconds (the camera default). In many cases once I felt we had a good position we had to hold it till the camera fired.

Tattooed girl No. 1

 Tattooed girl No. 2

A week ago a show these images to a colleague. She asked if I did not get excited while doing these images and yes I told her, I did in the same way anybody who will be in the same situation, feeling the body of another person. The only thing is that the excitement only lasted the first 3 minutes because you I was  focused on the pictures to take, if they were on focus, positions to have next, lighting  etc.

Tattooed girl No.3

And about the title of this post, well I like like and I think could be the title of this series of photos. More will be shown in next days.

They and me

Two bodies.
I have not written anything in very long time, just poems about a monster. Nothing related to photography. I have bought books which I don't read and I have not been eating healthy lastly. But I feel good.

I am not native English speaker and despite that I rather write in English than in Spanish. Not sure why.

During the last two months I have been working in old photos. I take photos, many photos but  I don't publish them on my Instagram neither Facebook page. The images in these social media are no appreciated as they should be. Anyway, I have a small series about two bodies interacting, that was the main idea. I never really developed it so I could not say it is concluded as it never actually was started.

I am not ashamed of my body but I don't like to show myself in photographs and as for the girls they had no issue in show their bodies. I will be sharing more of them during next days. Now is time to sleep.

Piercing in the navel. 2016. 50 x 50cm.

a poem - Your hands are pure pain

Your hands are pure pain
and your lips pure lust.

There are no secrets between us in this night
but a silent crime that make us smile.

You are my dethroned queen
waiting for the mercy of an injuried God.

There was no regret when you murdered your brother
but a comfortable caress on my shinny knife.

Your hands are pure desire
and your lips pure sorrow.

There is no sun rising every morning
but clear darkness blessing our paths.

Your are my failed lover
waiting for the sacrament of our sinner fathers.

a poem - a soft and tender mother

Vera, unknown voice whispering lust
silence witness of my fantasies
the soft kiss that turns into a bite
untouchable for now.

Gods forbid me to please her
so devils come to my help.

Alone in the night she claims for my words
and ask for my body to be next to her.

Vera, desire and innocence to be discovered
to be taken to the darkest night
and let her feel the emptiness of my hand
a hand that want to caress her unseen smile
a hand that wants to grab her pale body
while our eyes explore each other dreams.

a corrupted body
a naughty desire
a soft and tender mother
lets surrender to the red wine
and dance, just simple lets dance...
Carlos Lopez May 2017

a poem - she is...

She is dangerous and mischievous
pure innocence if you want at night
or evil and lust at sunrise

She is a demon to be unleashed
that wont hide her face any more
she may hold your hand and declare her love
if you dare with her dance.

But we aware
Gods made her impure
Devils claim her heart
She rebels against all
waiting for a man with the darkest desire
to knee in front her and offer her a poem.

Lenka, is my girlfriend
she surrendered to my canvas and camera
I caught her smile and fears in my dreams
where we dance every time before dusk.

a poem - empty lake

Serve me with words
colored of red

Guide me to the empty lake
where a king has been lost

Sing me a song of lust
the one you never danced

Forgive my purple desires
those which you never could please
and just after all my commands has been fulfilled

baptize me
spit on me
and tell the Gods that their son
is ready to be sacrificed.
Carlos Lopez

a poem - rape

There is blood on my hand
and a tiny smile on your face.
All I did was greet you with my anger
but you didn't remain quiet.

There is pleasure in my hands
and anger in your eyes
so I kissed you against the wall
while you closed your heart
letting the fear grow.

Then you run to the sun
letting my heart cold in the night
but my fierce God brought you back
so you belong to me now.

There is pleasure in my hands
and anger in my eyes
I will caress you with my knife tonight.
because you like this game
and want name written on your skin.

Lover ©Carlos Lopez

Artists places

More images from the unfinished 365 project.

An artist workshop.
I don't have fixed pictures on my wall, I can change images as my mood goes. Here the posters of a festival I organize for first time.

I like to collect books about photography so when I saw this in a flew market i bought them without a second thought.

Again my place, a cardboard waiting for me to draw on it.

Šarka drawing.

and old body

Elena, a friend that help me with some shoots for the 365 project I was doing last year.

Day 48..., Failure

I did not manage to continue with this 365 project. At the beginning was and did it for approximately for 55 days (some days I took the photos but not published them) but no more.
As I still have images that I want to share, here are some images I like after I went trough my archive today.

A social gathering for Expats in Brno.

There was chocolate, tomato and a garlic.