Friday, August 6, 2010

Extras 4 - Tereza

I like to play with emotions when I took photographs, I known my models personally very little.  And that is an advantage I think, at least for the kind of work I do. Most of them are girls I saw waking on the street or working in hotels, pubs, etc, that call my attention in someway. So after a short introduction an exchange of mails and a meeting to explain my idea of what I want to get from the shot and expect from them as a models, we close the deal. Obviously not always work. Some never reply the email, or politely say that are no interested and others change of mind one day before the shoot. But that make life more interesting at least for me. Many times the shy looking girl have been who took the challenge to be photographed.
The following shots are from another student. Three different looks for the same person that as I mention in an previous post, these are more a reflexion of my emotions than hers.