Saturday, October 3, 2009

I belive.

Last sunday we had the visit of the Pope Benedict XVI, he visited the city of Prague and Brno, around 100 000 people came to see him, people from Poland, Austria, Germany etc.
So while I was looking into my archive I found some that I would like to share.

This is photo was taken in bar in Mazatlan. Strange place for such a image.

An image of Jesuschrist on top of some kind of alter in the street du to the celebration of the Virgin of Guadalupe in Manzanilo, Mexico.

Procession of the Lord of Gualamita (Señor de Gualamita) in the town of Lamud, Amazonas, Peru.

A nice and expressive  sculpture of Jesus Christ in a park close to my home.

Thanks God for all what I have.