Wednesday, January 11, 2012

We can change the future..., actually not.

One of the hardest categories for me to send photos was Future, mainly because the way I see it is more technological, like robots, cyborgs, flying cars, etc. and make some images based in those ideas is pretty hard. However as the deadline was approaching, the pressure made me make diamonds:

Think too much about the future is useless, and this is a common phrase we hear when things are not going well in the present: We can can change it! but we can?
As the phrase sounds nice and optimist I decided to make a photo of it. I collected some leaves from the street and place them on a note book, some basic arrangement and done! but after few minutes to take this photos I realized that it was wrong, we cannot change the the future because it has not happened yet, therefore what we can do indeed is change our present so our actions can shape, up to some point, the future. And that idea lead me to the second image The future is not written yet.
Simple , effective and nice don't you think?

The next images are more from my idea of a technological world. As i did not have any of the objects i needed to make the images I wanted, a small twist in my ideas push to these with the Christmas light. The one with my son is titled: "Cyborg" and the other one "Artificial hand"

And to finish a picture titled "You and me".