Saturday, January 7, 2012

Let the kid alone.

Continuing with the series of photos taken for the new Samsung camera NX200, the Facebook online exhibition Feel and share, these are the photos I sent for the category of people. The model for these pictures is my handsome son :-) of 3 years old. He was a little devil as a model, making fun of me and being very elusive to my camera. It took me a lot work get these shoots but they are worth. For the one he looks like crying and the one with the reptiles, only in those he made a sad and scare face, in all the others he is just making funny faces as you can see in "He, he, he..." but at the end that is the best way, he has fun and I get the images I want, real father-son team work.
Don't cry my boy.
Camera Samsung NX200 ISO 6400 - 1/50 - f 4.5
He, he, he...
Reptiles invasion.
Camera Samsung NX200 ISO 6400 - 1/30 - f 4.5

Untitled MMXI