Monday, November 10, 2008

First photo.

Well after checking the tutorial how to upload a picture (I am new blogging, so please understand me) here I show you some photos o my son. In these photos I am trying to make something like Anne Geddes, wich work I like a lot. Now you maybe will say: hey man you are copying!!! and Yes, I do, I mean if you like somebody’s work, first thing you can say is: I want to take pictures like him/her or even better I want to learn to take pictures like her and step by step you will develop your personal style (which i think I have in other kind of work that i will show in the future).
The act of copy is not bad when is just transition or way to learn. It become a sin when you only do that and claim yourself as “original” without recognize any influence from other people.

What do you think about it?