Friday, November 14, 2008

David, the fire eater.

He is David “the fire eater” I met him in Belize city where he lives (i think in the streets) and works. His show consist in turn off a light torch with his mouth. He make his show most of the time for the tourists from the cruise ships in return for tips.
One day after his show I decided make some close ups to try to “catch” his burned tongue and vivid eyes so I went to ask him and he accepted without ask for more money, after a session of seconds he said very loud: You are my friend!!!
Two weeks later I saw him again and I gave him two photos 4×6 of him:one performing and the other of his face smiling, he liked the gifts. My surprise would be 4 months later when I came back to Belize and I saw him again. He had made enlargements of the photos by simple photocopy and used one like “promotional poster”. while the second one was framed and next to the basket for his tips.
Now, something to think about. David once was like all of us a little boy full of dreams and plans. Can you imagine him in that period of his life?