Sunday, November 30, 2008


In my current group exhibition I am showing my series "Chemigrams",  I start this series with an act of of improvisation that became let's say... euphoria. It was simply creative energy flowing. Nevertheless the spark that started that fire was originated by an accident.
I had forgotten my box full of photographic paper on one bus, so the chances to get it back were 1/10 but for my luck I got it back next day after have researched the company and got their address.
So, I was happy once again in the dark room of the college printing a photo until I saw how the paper become totally black just after being submerged in the developer. Holy s**t!!! the driver of the bus had opened the box looking for something of value but he only found white paper. So that's why I could get it back, it wasn't the honesty of the driver, was that it didn't had any value for him.
I had a package full of photographic paper already exposed or better said spoiled but I was not willing to throw it away, to surrender to the destiny. It had been a prize and I had to take some advantage of it in some way.
The next minutes were some mixture of anger with the excitement of a challenge so I started to to drop the developer on some paper felling my self as a photographic version of Jackson Pollock. 

The result is what you can see below. A group of photographs whose lines, shapes and dots evokes an universe of simplicity and as well of chaos.
The exhibition is going to be in the gallery Colorida, Lisbon, Portugal from january 13th till february 17th 2009. Everybody is invited