Wednesday, October 9, 2019

Caress me, please.

Well, kind of stuck without ideas on what to photograph on these days, because of that I will continue showing work done but have not been shown/shared anywhere.
I have been drawing lately, but those have been a decapitation and a head bean shot so they are not related at all with the images below which are from 2015. These were from the second photo session with a close friend.
Andrea and me 1.  2015. 30 x 30cm

As said previously these images were not planned and I was very nervous while taking them. Is not easy ask your friend, "Hey I got the idea: let's partially undress, get our bodies next to each other like dancing or fighting and take pictures!"
Andrea and me 2, 2015. 30 x 30cm.

Me kissing trying to kiss Andrea. 2015. 30 x 30cm.

Butterfly. 2015. 30 x 30cm