Saturday, January 5, 2019

They and me

Two bodies.
I have not written anything in very long time, just poems about a monster. Nothing related to photography. I have bought books which I don't read and I have not been eating healthy lastly. But I feel good.

I am not native English speaker and despite that I rather write in English than in Spanish. Not sure why.

During the last two months I have been working in old photos. I take photos, many photos but  I don't publish them on my Instagram neither Facebook page. The images in these social media are no appreciated as they should be. Anyway, I have a small series about two bodies interacting, that was the main idea. I never really developed it so I could not say it is concluded as it never actually was started.

I am not ashamed of my body but I don't like to show myself in photographs and as for the girls they had no issue in show their bodies. I will be sharing more of them during next days. Now is time to sleep.

Piercing in the navel. 2016. 50 x 50cm.