Friday, September 2, 2016

Day 8, Fears, illusions and happiness

It was 10:30 and still had no taken any picture for today. Honestly, I had a total laziness all day but I I have decided not to fail this time and make a picture a day, whatever it takes.
I did no want to go out to the street and try to snap some street scene, instead I did what I like the most and I needed to do, continue with my project The solitude of delirium so I took my book a little bird body and start to compose the scene. Then I took my camera and start to compose and try to find a good angle for it. Not an easy job, it may look easy have something photogenic and be sure good photos will come out but it is not.

Photography is more than just point and shoot, in many cases is a catharsis or self therapy process, in more simple words a way to express our fears, illusions and happiness and learn to live with them.

From the moment we decide to frame something and take a picture of it, we are granting some importance to that piece of reality over its surroundings. Why we choose that scene depends in our experiences and way of thinking. Why I choose a dead bird? because for me represent the end of an dream, the bird that never learnt to fly, a broken illusion. However tragedies are part of life and deal with them is what make us stronger.
The eternal dream.

The above image was taken specifically for this 365 project. The image below is a behind the scene of the shooting for the The solitude of delirium