Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Photographs that inspire me.

Everybody has his own heroes and paradigms, from family, work and pop culture icons, everybody always admire someone, his work or personality. If you say no, "I just explore my inner world I dont need to see other people work" you are a liar and stupid. The great masters admired older great masters and always has been like that.

When it is about artist, it is hard for some admit theirs influences because everybody want to be original, the first one!.  From my side, today I am sharing with you some of the photographs that made a big impact in my life and inspired/push me as a photographer to keep trying new things and explore /see the world in a different way.

One of favorities from all the time: Jan Saudek: the photo of the hands, so simple, so tragic and so many ways to be interpreted.

The legs may not be perfect but I love those tights and the tone of the image.

From his series of windows, this one is great. The body becomes a fragil object and you an morbid spectator wishing to break it.

Gottfried Helnwein: this three images were like an awakening. From the first one I love its composition and the painted faces, so disturbing. From the second and third, although they are actually paintings, they are so strong and realistic that I realized that an image with multiples lectures is much more richer than with a single and direct message.


Helmut Newton: needs no presentation, his fashion work with a sexual twist and high contrast photos were an immediate challenge for me and still are. I am still trying to have some sexual content in my photography but is so hard to break some cultural background within myself.

Herb Ritts: a more classic approach to women and fashion.

Richard Avedon: another master, I would love to have a print of this photo.

David  LaChapelle: the gigantic burger killing a women, ideas are around us all the time, just twist them and you can have great results.

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Alessandro Bavari: his digital compositions are fantastic. Dark and surrealistic.

John Santerineross: this image of the girl with the teddy bear, says so much. Sex and innocence, purity and perversion.