Day 47, Dancer

Day 46, Fruits

Day 45, Put your boobs out there :D

Day 44, The bachelor party begins

Day 43, Going up

Day 42, Meanwhile in Czech Republic...

Day 41, Art lovers

Day 40, After cooking and having lunch

Day 39, Wine and lust

Day 38, I was flying

Day 36, Concert night

Day 35, A foot

Day 34, A poem

Day 33, Red roses for the devil's whore

Day 32, Umbrellas in Brno

Day 30, I was a sleeping child

Day 29, Marcela, hezka žena

Day 28, Magical afternoon

Day 27, Ground and garbage

Day 26, Fight for the food

Day 25, A creature that God forgot to create

Day 24, She has a butterfly

Day 23, My garden

Day 22, My neighbour coming

Day 21, In my village is Jimmy Hendrix

Day 20. Friends

Day 19, My hand

Day 18, burning staff

Day 17, A smile and a poem