Sunday, August 14, 2011

Extras 014 - A Brno girl - Juliette

For those who wanted to know what are these "extras", well, there are the photos that did not pass the edition process for my protect Intimacy and as well photos that I made for them so they can have something "nicer" to share or to show to whoever they want to and not only my "conceptual" or serious portraits of them.
Now, because that project is finishing but I will still continue photographing women with other thematic and include some commercial work I made sometimes for some locals models I will change the title to this section to "a Brno girl" so it will be not only the girls that modeled for my project but my clients too.
In this opportunity is a Slovak girl, Juliette, who study here in Brno. Small and brunette different from the standart Czech girls (blond and tall) she was very versatile and despite the language barrier (she did not speak English) we could make some interesting images.
Enjoy them.