Thursday, June 9, 2011

a poem - In your eyes is the universe I need to live

Now that I have seen your smile
I know I have found you.

I know that in your eyes is the universe I need to live,
that I can on them imagine new worlds of wild fantasies
and create new words of surreal meanings.

I know that in your lips
I can feel the passion of a deadly kiss.
Every day
I dream I touch your hand
and feel how your hair
moved by the wind, caress my scarred face.

Every day
I dream we kiss in the forest
under the golden sunlight of a spring morning
and at night
I recite my humble poetry to you
while the moonlight shine on your pale naked skin.

I know ancient Gods have put you in my path, 
and is my fate to love you,
to make your soul smile
when your eyes cry.
                                                                           Carlos Lopez, June 2011