Friday, October 2, 2009

Sad cloudy days

The autumn has started in part of the planet, Czech Republic, and the cloudy sad days have come. For the people who like the summer as me, this season is a challenge, the nice natural bright light of the sun has gone. Now we have a plain gray sky. But this season for me is the best to take urban landscapes, I like it because is easier to walk around the city and don't feel hot and sweetie, specially if you walk with your tripod and a bag with you camera and a set of lenses.
Cloudy days are specials if you want to transmit some loneliness and melancholy.
Here are some:

I know those are not from Czech Republic, there is a sea in those. : ) The first one is from Belize and the second one from Martinique, so come back soon, I will post some from the city of Brno in the next days.