Tuesday, June 16, 2015

a Brno woman - Božena

One of the thing I enjoy photograph more are portraits. I don't believe that single picture can show the personality of a subject but only the point of the view of the photographer about the subject being photograph.

As photographers we have control, up to certain level, over the image of a person. After a photo session we can have images that show the person as an easy going friend or as a very strict and serious person.

The following images are from a portrait class I was giving. The subject's name is Bozena a nice and friendly woman who enjoys Latin music. On this small selection I choose mainly the ones where she look serious with the exception of the first one. Somehow, personally I found these kind of images more interesting than if the person is smiling or with a nice expression, I personally call those images "only" pretty photos while the rest are far more are interesting. 

For sure she she does like this photos too much, after all, most women want to look pretty and nice in a picture and not alike an unfriendly person but for me these photos are more revealing of her than if she would be smiling. I would rather show her laughing then simply smiling. A laugh is real, pure joy while a smile can be fake and it is fake most of the times we see it on a portrait.

So too much talking and now time to enjoy the photos:

This an essay about the absent of smiles in fine art portraiture: http://www.fstopmagazine.com/pastissues/49/Dean.html  I recommends its reading but you should have some knowledge on the work of the photographers mentioned there.