Saturday, March 27, 2010

Lisbon, a marvellous city.

Today I was checking my archive from last year and I found these photographs from my trip to the city of Lisbon for my exhibition of my series Chemigrams in the art gallery Colorida.
They are snapshots of the city, nothing special just the way I over saturated  the colours that  make them look unreal or artificial and I like that effect. Lisbon is wonderful, I really loved my stay there, it have many places to visit and the night life is great too.

This is a cool example of how to deal with the graffiti, an open "Urban gallery".

Of course graffiti artists cannot be stopped and they will continue to the walls as their canvas.

What really surprised me was to find in the metro these mosaics, there more with more motive but these are my favourites.

Aren't they great?

And finally some random stuff.

This is the coolest instruction car I have ever seen.

If you get a chance to visit it, don't miss it.